What’s Your Word for the New Year?

You may have heard it is important to have a clear intention in a negotiation. With a determined focus, you can review where you are heading and see if the demands or structure of dealmaking are taking you off course.

Similarly, one of the practices people do this time of year is to choose a word or phrase that will encourage and propel them through their decisions. Like a negotiation intention, it keeps them on track with their plans and goals.

This year my intention is “No More in 2024.”

What that means to me is to stop saying “yes” to decisions that aren’t good for me, my business, family, and my joy. This year I roll off many years of servant leadership. I’ve promised my friends and family that I’m going to pause before beginning another role that becomes a full-time job.

❓ What is your word or phrase for the year?
❓ Why did you choose that word(s)?
❓ If you don’t usually select a word or phrase for the year, what could you select that would help you stay committed to your plans or goals this year?

And, if you need a way to reflect on the past year and plan for a breakthrough 2024, here are two tools that might help.

Wrapping Up the End of the Year
Negotiate Your Breakthrough Year in 2024

Go Negotiate an Amazing Year!!!

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