Welcome-ish New Year – Depends on What’s Next

If your last year was like mine, there were some ups and downs.
You might be asking yourself, “OK, what am I going to deal with the next 366 Days?” (You read that right. 2024 is a leap year and gives you an extra day.)

If you haven’t yet, I suggest you wrap up your year powerfully.

Reviewing your past before negotiating the future, gives you insight and helps you reflect.

Your actions will help show you what is truly important to you and where you spent hour time.
Reviewing the year shows places you thrived – survived – and when you felt most alive.

Reflecting also helps determine
what you need to resolve, and what decisions are left you be determined.
(If you missed that post and tool, consider doing it first. Here’s the link.)

To welcome your new year powerfully, ask yourself:

❓What breakthroughs do I want to experience this year?

 ❓What do I want to jettison or leave behind from the past?

❓What’s working that I want to continue?

Here’s a short, but mighty, tool to help you consider and plan for success in the new year.

Go Negotiate a Great New Year!!