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Ask Outrageously!

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Ask Outrageously White Paper
What’s Their DEAL Style?
What’s My DEAL Style?
How Well Do You Ask?

DEAL Conversation Strategies Download PDF
Rules of Engagement Download PDF
Share the Load Download PDF
Spot Your Asking Block Download PDF
Media Interview Questions Download PDF
Negotiating Change Media Interview Questions Download PDF

Articles on Negotiations

Behaviors To Avoid In Negotiations Download PDF
How To Prepare To Negotiate or Influence Download PDF
Walk, Talk, & Negotiate Like a Pro Visit Article on Speaker Magazine
Tough Negotiations or Persuasions Download PDF
Triple Win Negotiations Are a Must Have Download PDF
Looking Out For Number One Download PDF
Go Ahead Surprise Me Download PDF
Hold ’Em or Fold ’Em Download PDF


Negotiate Like a CEO English Version
Negotiate Like a CEO Spanish Version


TEDxSMU “The World Needs You To Ask Outrageously” Watch
Jana Stanfield’s Song “If I Were Brave” Download

Stop Complainers and Energy Drainers

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Stop Complainers White Paper
Spot Your Complainer’s Type
Are You Seen as a Complainer?
Stop Complainers Webinar

Interview Questions to Avoid Hiring Complainers Download PDF
Negotiating Work Drama Checklist and Questions Download PDF
Strategies to Turn Complainers to Contributors Download PDF
Conversation Strategies per Complainer Type Download PDF
Complainer Cost Calculator Link to Tool
Tactics and Counterattacks Download PDF
Media Interview Questions Download PDF
Media Topics Download PDF
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The Manager’s High-Performance Handbook

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High-Performers White Paper
Are a High-Performance Leader?
Articles on Leadership

What are the Biggest Mistakes in Influencing Download PDF
Improving Your Influence Results Fast Download PDF
Managing For Good Results In Tough Times Download PDF


Sample Media Questions Download PDF