In the Media

Linda Swindling is a frequent media guest. She has been interviewed for or her work has been featured in Forbes, Inc. magazine, Fast Company, Entrepreneur Magazine, Fox Business, Reader’s Digest, Business Insider, and dozens of TV programs. Linda’s YouTube channel


Linda Swindling is frequently asked to be a guest on numerous podcasts to discuss various negotiation topics. A few of the most recent podcasts are featured below, just click the image to listen.

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How To Negotiate In Business And In Life

Technically Speaking – SpeakerFlow

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Ask Outrageously: The Secret to Getting What You Really Want with Linda Swindling
CEO on the Go with Gayle Lantz

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Ask Outrageously
Sit in The Attendees Chair with Joanne Dennison

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Are you afraid to Ask For What You REALLY Want in Life? with Linda Swindling
Awakened Nation with Brad Szollose

Television Appearances

Ask Outrageously!

How to Ask for a Raise
FOX 26 (Houston, TX)

Do You Want to Ask for Raise?
River City Live, WJXT (Jacksonville, FL)

How to Ask for What You Want
First Coast Living, WTLV (Jacksonville, FL)

Asking for a Raise

What Are People Most Afraid to Ask For
Q13 FOX News, KCPQ (Seattle, WA)

How to Ask at Work
FOX5 News

Stop Complainers & Energy Drainers

How to Work with a Bully and a Toxic Boss
D: The Broadcast, KTXD (DFW, TX)

How to Negotiate Work Drama
D: The Broadcast, KTXD (DFW, TX)

Working with the Office Gossip
Morning Dose, CW33 (DFW, TX)

How to Work with a Prima Donna
D: The Broadcast, KTXD (DFW, TX)

Working with Workplace Gossip
FOX 5 News

How to Stop Complainers
Texas Daily Blog

Dealing with a Whiner
FOX 5 (San Diego, CA)

Stop Complainers & Energy Drainers
FOX 5, KVVU-TV (Las Vegas, NV)

Stop Complainers & Energy Drainers
KLBK This Morning (Lubbock, TX)