How Do You Show Others You Are the Real Deal?

One of the challenges in any negotiation is having others trust your word and believe you have honest intentions.

Last year, I was given some tough love feedback on my speaker video from my peers who were evaluating my marketing. They said my footage looked “dated” and that I was “a better speaker than this video shows.” Ouch! The truth can hurt.

Circumstances beyond my control, as well as choices I made, created this perception disconnect.

During the pandemic years, in-person speaking engagements (and video of them) were harder to obtain. Also, I changed my hairstyle. This choice meant prior video and TV appearances did not match my current look.

How about you?

❓What changes have you made to your business or career that now need to be reflected in your marketing or on your resume?

❓Where is the most likely place people could fail to see all you that you offer?

❓How could you better showcase your true talents, skills, and offerings?

Your leaders, co-workers, and/or clients need to see all you really offer.

A Big Ask

Speakers rely on our demo videos to get hired. If you have seen me speak in-person or virtually, or if you have read my books or posts, would you do me a favor?

🎥 Would you watch my short demo video and let me know if it is a fair and true representation of my content and/or how I present?

➕ Do you see anything missing that I need to add?

🗑️ Is there anything I need to trash or remove?

While I deeply appreciate my peers review last year, your opinion is what counts. If you think the video accurately reflects what I say and do, that’s a win. And, if you determine I need to shoot and edit more segments to make sure the reel is authentic, that is also great information. Jill Scott and I will get with the amazing Alex Dekelbaum to edit.

Best wishes as you update and upgrade this year!

Be the Real Deal. Go Negotiate!!