How Do You Deal with Detours?

I’m always impressed with the people who maintain a sense of humor or remain upbeat when faced with a setback.

Our house backs up to a public golf course. In addition the regulars and high school teams, some of our golfers may not play often or are on the course as part of a corporate team building.

What is interesting is how different golfers handle bad shots. There are extreme differences in reactions people show when experiencing the same weather conditions and/or frustration of attempting to hit that little white ball.

Some laugh good-heartedly or shrug, then try again. Some slump their shoulders and walk away dejectedly.

The etiquette of polite clapping and shaking one’s head when missing a shot exhibited by television golfers and crowds can be lacking on our course.

When disappointed, some golfers have what looks like a temper tantrum. They throw clubs and curse loudly.

Like golf, people can have varying behaviors when facing tough conditions in life.

Recently, I have had the opportunity to see how people dear to me react under extreme health situations, job pressure, and disappointment. The ones who negotiate the road bumps and detours the best follow some form of the ASK method.

Aware-They don’t hide from disappointment. They acknowledge the circumstances.

Seek-They research options and determine the reality of their current situation. In fact, they “live in the question” by staying curious and asking experts for advice.

Know-They don’t freeze or throw a temper tantrum. They take the next best step. These positive negotiators acknowledge the entire solution or journey isn’t mapped, and the path may change. However, they take the next best step.

❓What do you notice about how the strong deal with setbacks?

❓How do you survive the detours?

❓What advice do you give someone experiencing a roadblock?

Dealing with life’s twists and turns isn’t easy. Being aware of the issue, seeking more information or advice, and knowing the next best step helps.

Oh-and have fun! To celebrate overcoming a recent challenge, my sister organized a Barbie outing. Doesn’t my mom look good as a blond?

Go Negotiate!