Are You Bragging? Dealing with Your First Impression

Have you read social media posts recently?

In addition to political posts, values sharing, and venting regarding inconveniences and slights, people post personal good happenings with a twist.

A few days ago, my friend pointed out that many of today’s posts are full of “humble brags.” I hadn’t heard that term but it captures that type of posts I’m observing, and guilty of posting at times, too.

❓Have you read posts like these?

“I am so amazed and humbled to be selected for (name of award, client, list, etc.).”


“My spouse, child, pet, (whoever) taught me this lesson when he/she/they won this award, climbed this mountain, was selected for the high school rowing club, captured first place in the county fair, etc.”


“Here is an extensive listing of my life’s accomplishments. What are yours?”

We are always negotiating, especially with the impressions we make. Whether in-person or on-line perceptions, others can be drawn to us or turned off.

I’m thrilled for others’ success. And, I actually want to know when something good or different has happened in their lives. That said, those who only post their life success add little value to mine.

❓What do you think of the “humble posting” format?

❓When do you think people cross the line as “too much” or do you consider it marketing?

❓How do you suggest sharing good news?

Our latest news? We replaced one of our toilets. Needed to be done. Not earth shattering. It did positively change our lives. There may be a brag there somewhere-guess because we have more than one?