Negotiate a Break for Yourself

If you travel for business, does this sound familiar?

✔️You work until you have to leave for the airport.

✔️Then, once your plane lands, you rush to get a ride to your hotel.

✔️Next, you hurry to check into your room in order to prepare for your meeting or event the next day (s).

✔️You meet, attend the conference, work a trade show, fix whatever is broken, or give a presentation without exploring the city.

✔️Then, you rush to the airport to go home or to travel to your next destination.


If you take time to appreciate the people and places you visit, how do you create the opportunity?

❓How do you manage the exploring with all the work you need to complete?

❓What have you discovered when taking the time to experience the destination?

❓What would you suggest to others trying to negotiate their travels and not just rush from one destination to the next?

Recently, I found a beautiful river walk, friendly people, and some creative ways to keep the vegetation in check in Pittsburgh. I’m so glad this time I chose to enjoy the journey and destination.

Go negotiate the life your deserve. Journey On!