How Can Leaders Get Reluctant Requesters to Ask Outrageously?

Do you feel comfortable negotiating, but you lead others who are reluctant to ask? You’re not alone.

If you are comfortable with negotiating for what you want, the odds are that most of the people around you do not have your same level of confidence. About 20% of people say they ask for what they want and get it. The other 80% say they could improve.

How do you motivate someone to have more confidence and take calculated risks?

And, what if your performance, and even your job, depends on encouraging others to make requests outside their comfort zone?

You know that asking better helps to attract funding, improve sales, increase compensation and/or win new business. However, asking works AT WORK, too. Whether dealing with big deals or work drama, leaders who need to drive results can tap into negotiation strategies that will not drive everyone away. The solutions often involve making asking safe, understanding different negotiation styles, and influencing more effectively in your leadership role.  BUT you’ve got to have the courage and confidence to lead your team to ask for more, seek better information, and know the next best steps.

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