Negotiating Work is Easier When You Work with People You Like

❓Do you work with your friends?

❓Were you friends before you started working with them or did the relationship develop at work?

❓What benefits have you received in your working friendships?

This week I am blessed to spend quality time working, traveling, and enjoying life with some quality people!

My speaker buddy, @Michael Hoffman CSP, and I were able to carve out time to tour the Epic Campus in Verona and see my son, Parker.

Then, we drove to Juneau with our Spanish interpreters Rosie and Lulu to present at the negotiations and financial program at the hashtag#DairyManagersInstitute. There we worked with National Speakers Association friend Becky Stewart-Gross and my cohort in crime Dr. Kevin Bernhardt.

Thank you Professional Dairy Producers – PDPW for allowing us to end the year with your fabulous leaders.

Now, off to see more speaking professionals and friends to plan for next year at the NSA CSP/CPAE Summit in Orlando! hashtag#NSA hashtag#negotiation hashtag#speakerslife