Have You Ever Heard You Should Retreat to Advance?

Retreat? There are many, many quotes about war strategies and fighting to the death rather than retreating.

Luckily, Finnish author Erno Paasilinna said, “It is also a victory to know when to retreat.”

Companies and associations know the power of getting away from the day-to-day to think, imagine, and connect.

When I was a chair Vistage Worldwide, Inc., CEOs and key decision makers couldn’t imagine making time for monthly coaching AND an all-day meeting. One of the questions we would ask in response was, “When do you work ON the business, not just IN the business?”

Most likely, you have been on a retreat or several for an organization(s). However, have you ever taken a personal retreat to strategize your career path, your next steps, or how to deal with a challenge or an opportunity?

While my clients often have me lead their strategic retreats and planning sessions, the past few days have been spent thinking and planning regarding my business and my next book.

Want to retreat to advance? Here’s what you may need:

✔️A quiet place with no distractions. (This time I’m in a hotel room with a Do Not Disturb sign. However, I’ve “retreated” in my house, a friend’s space, and at a church classroom.)
✔️Motivational music. (Thank you HRSouthwest Conference for my speaker gift, a portable speaker.)
✔️Flip chart paper with stickies, scented markers, and blue painter’s tape so the walls aren’t damaged
✔️Updated calendar
✔️Notes and Computer
✔️Reference material (In addition to research, when I write a book, I use •Dianna Booher’s materials from her “Get Your Book Published” workshop.)
✔️Cozy/comfortable outfit
✔️Warm beverage (Hot tea)
✔️Rainy day (Optional, but helps keep me focused instead of wanting to escape outside.)

❓What else would you add to feel creative?

❓If you haven’t taken a personal strategic retreat, how would you use one?

❓For those who use personal strategic retreats, are you writing, coming up with plans, developing programs, or something else?

Consider taking time for yourself.
Go Negotiate YOUR best life!!