Your True Value

This month we’ve examined how you guage your value in deals and in dealing with others.

Recently, I spoke at CareFlite’s Leadership Summit. My healthcare clients include Methodist Sugar Land HospitalTexas Medical AssociationTennessee Medical AssociationAstraZenecaAmerican Academy of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology – AAAAITomoTherapyEncompass Home Health & Hospice and others. These organizations are dedicated to staying current, finding creative solutions, and caring for patients and their loved ones.

During the past few years, my family and I have spent a great amount of time at hospitals and rehab facilities. (Like many people, my family prefers personal matters stay private so I won’t discuss the details of the reasons of these lengthened stays.)

One day, I asked health care professionals if it was unusual to have family members spend the night and keep round-the-clock vigils. Nurses, techs, staff, and doctors assured me that it was a common occurrence. Several commented that having a personal advocate for a patient makes all the difference for communication, continuity in care, and in recovery.

However, the answer to a follow up question made me think. When I asked a physician, “Do you have patients who don’t have this type of family/friend support?” He paused and nodded solemnly. He told me one of his patients had been at the hospital for more than four months. During that time, no one had visited him.

The doctor added, “In times when you have the most need, it shows how you lived your life by who shows up for you.”

Simple lesson, right? How we treat and impact others becomes our true value in tough times.

❓Who have you spent multiple days and nights comforting and advocating for their health care? Did others “show up” to help? What led you to your commitment?

❓Where have you seen someone alone or ignored by family in times of need? What caused that neglect?

❓Which healthcare professional has surpassed your expectations in caring, despite difficult circumstances?

This post would not be complete without thanking those who deal in these stressful medical situations daily. Thank you for your expertise, your kindness, and your patience with your patients and those who love them.

None of us could negotiate this journey without you. You are valued more than we can ever show.

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