Negotiating Life or Death Situations and the Value of Continuous Improvement

❓Have you ever dealt with the type of pressure that causes you to freeze all your efforts?

❓What if you couldn’t stop because every minute could make the difference between life and death?

❓Who deals with high-impact situations and must stay on top of their game?

This week I worked with the dedicated leaders at CareFlite.

They are committed to Making Precious Minutes Count Since 1979.

The team was engaged and willing to stretch to lead even better. The executives were in attendance. These leaders value ongoing education.

Often big changes in leading and negotiating come from attention to details. You could see their efforts on continuous improvement in organizing their Leadership Summit.

The leadership conference was well-planned, strategic, and offered value. The speaking topics were diverse. The materials were beautiful. The communication and collaboration with presenters was high. And, the Careflite bears a big hit!

During the conference, there was a beautiful set up in the new corporate headquarters as well as a green room for speakers to prepare!

These high-performers work so hard to help others. Quite literally, their work saves lives. I loved speaking and then coaching a select group of leaders later. My passion in leadership and negotiation is helping the best get better.

Thank you Paige Emler Boyett and the incredible HR professionals at Careflite. So glad we met at HRSouthwest Conference!