What Holds You Back from Negotiating?

Are you one of the five percent of people who say nothing keeps you from asking for what you really want? Terrific!


Are you in the 20 percent who feel confident asking and negotiating? Great!


Are so you find yourself in the other 80 percent who don’t feel as comfortable making requests or negotiating? Welcome!

If you are in the majority of people who don’t like asking or negotiating, what holds you back?

Most people say it is a fear of:

✔️Not knowing what to say.
✔️Interrupting or “bugging” someone.
✔️Looking stupid or being embarrassed?
✔️The dreaded, hearing “no”?

❓What is your reason to hold back personally or professionally from asking for the opportunities you want?

AND-If you are in the 1/5 who negotiates well:

❓What surprises you about the people around you who won’t ask for themselves or negotiate?

❓What do you tell your friends, family members, or coworkers that increases their confidence to go after what they really want?

My favorite words of encouragement are:

⭐️If you aren’t hearing “no”, you aren’t asking enough.


⭐️If you don’t risk hearing, “no” you may never “know.”

????????Here’s your Texas “double dog” challenge:

Ask Outrageously (outside your comfort zone) three 3️⃣ times in the next 24 hours and post your results.

You read the challenge correctly…
✅Ask three times in the next 24 hours,
✅Ask Outrageously (not obnoxiously-just outside your comfort zone), and
✅Report your results (even the “no’s”) below.

????????I Double-Dog Dare You! That’s a serious dare, Y’all!???? ????

Go Negotiate!