What Are You Afraid to Ask For?

The most surprising result when doing the research for my new book, Ask Outrageously! The Secret to Getting What You Really Want, was the requests people won’t make. 

In the short video below I discuss the #1 thing people are afraid to ask for in their personal lives. People would rather ask to borrow money than to ask for this…

Can you believe it? In their personal lives, a surprising 51% of people report they would NEVER ask to cut in line. Asking to borrow money and asking a teacher/professor to change their grade tied for second.

In the Ask Outrageously Study, people said personally they had more success when they asked for:

  • A better table at a restaurant or a better hotel room.

  • A discount from a store.

  • Better terms on a phone, internet or energy contract.

People are the least successful when they ask to get out of a traffic ticket.

In their professional lives, the #1 thing people are afraid to ask for is a change in bosses. Coming in a close second is being afraid to ask for an apology from a boss or coworker.

At work people are the most successful when they ask for:

  • More time to complete a project.

  • A referral from a client.

  • Better terms from a vendor or supplier.

If you aren’t bold but want to improve your ability to ask, practice asking for things in your comfort zone to build confidence. For some people asking at work is easier than asking in their personal lives.

Use these ideas to ask for things at work to build your success:

  • Ask a long-term vendor for free shipping or a discount.

  • Ask if someone new wants to go lunch.

  • Ask for an opinion on a project.

  • Ask if you can attend a meeting with your boss.

  • Ask a friend to critique your presentation.

  • Ask to get experience in another department or for training.

  • Ask for opportunities to lead a team or special initiative.

Begin paying attention to the answers you receive when you ask. Practice asking for more and discovering you will live through the experience. And if you aren’t hearing the word “no” on occasion, then you aren’t asking for enough.

Journey On and Ask Outrageously!

About Linda: A recognized authority on negotiations, workplace issues and strategic communication, Linda Swindling, JD, CSP is an author, media expert, a “recovering” employment attorney, and a professional speaker. Contact us to book Linda to speak at your event.