Negotiating the Future by Breaking Away from the Present

Have you ever planned a trip away from everything to move ahead?

My first airline trip was at 12 when I went to New York to study dance. In order to advance, I needed to get away, receive concentrated instruction and be inspired.

This concept of negotiating a bigger future by removing yourself from the present isn’t new.

Many of the high-performing organizations employ the retreat to advance concept. Successful leaders and their organizations get away from the day-to-day, so they can think without distraction, connect, create and work collectively on the business instead of in it.

The best of these strategic retreats have the following:

-Structured time for team building and fun.
-Unstructured time to connect and relax.
-Focused time on updates and for learning elements.
-Space permitted for the unexpected. Make sure to plan a large break or extra time for a meal after a strategic planning session or an educational topic. The buffer helps when unexpected discussions occur or new topics arise. The resulting dialogue and “ahas” are the gifts of bringing everyone together.
-Good food and snacks. You would be surprised at how important great catering is to bonding events.
-Some place different such as a beautiful venue to explore or an activity to try something new in your existing location.

Team building and exploration can run the gambit from golfing, kayaking, hiking, and fishing to picture scavenger hunts, cooking competitions, museum exploration, and donating time for a social cause.

Two of my latest trips to speak on negotiations and leadership have been held in beautiful destinations with smart leaders who cared about their clients, their work, and each other.

They strategized and connected regarding leadership and negotiation.
However, they also strengthened their trust and relationships for the important work they will do in the future.

❓Where have you seen strategic retreats work well?
❓What is your favorite destination?
❓What is the best activity you’ve experienced to build team relationships and have fun?

Go Negotiate!

Thank you Koby Fleck and Braylyn Yancy at Crown Speakers for the opportunities with your tremendous clients.