Get More Done Without Burning Out

Take a Hike – literally. Today is National Take a Hike Day (November 17). Yes, there is a holiday for everything!

With holidays and vacation time approaching, the stress to get it all done hits hard. End of year deadlines coupled with personal pressures always make me feel overwhelmed and less productive. Co-workers taking vacations can create extra work and confusion for everyone. The stress makes me want to take a hike and just escape!

This summer our family took a vacation to California. In addition to sightseeing and visiting with family, we hiked in the Muir Woods National Monument outside of San Francisco (pictured above).

The redwoods are stunningly beautiful and must be experienced in person. However, the most remarkable discovery was their effect on each of us. Any “fussiness” from our travels disappeared as we wandered around this inspiring landscape.

Taking time away to recharge is an answer to the high-paced holidays. Start NOW – and tell those end of year pressures, “Take a hike!”

High performers know the importance of escaping their high-paced demands. They know taking breaks and going on vacations are critical to their team’s and their personal success. In my book, The Manager’s High Performance Handbook: How to Drive Winning Performance with Everyone On Your Team, I discuss how you must care for your most important resource…YOU.

These suggestions will help you drive winning results without burning out:

  • Pace yourself.  Take care of your health and wellbeing. To be your best, consider ways to exercise, get enough sleep and eat responsibly to help you operate at your peak performance level.
  • Remember your personal and professional growth are important.  Refuel by attending a workshop, a conference on an association meeting in your field.
  • Beyond family, have at least one or two professional support groups. These professional associations or groups can help you network with people in your industry. Some leaders tap into a coach or an accountability partner. Others join or create a group of peers to mentor and provide a safe forum to share ideas and challenges. Frances Rios is a great example of a person who has found a way to help people support each other as she discusses in her recent article in Speaker Magazine.

Other ideas to maximize your results, keep your tank full and prevent burnout are:

  • Release what doesn’t work. Dwell only on what can be changed and make peace with yourself and others. You can make peace with something or allow the experience to tear you to pieces.

  • Lose the losers. Tell those energy drainers to take a hike. If you need conversation strategies to stop those constant complainers and toxic types, go here.

  • Surround yourself with people you can trust. Find the problem solvers and innovators. Look for those who tell the truth, even when it isn’t easy.

  • Practice positive gossip. Become the bearer of good news. Share others’ successes. Forget your ego and build everyone else’s.

  • Do the right thing. While it sounds cliché, your actions do speak louder than words. Stop telling people how good you are. Instead, let them discover your character by watching you and the results you achieve. Show respect and allow other people to maintain their dignity even in difficult situations.

  • Give, give, give.  I love what speaking guru and my mentor Jos. J. Charbonneau said, “You’ve got to give, give, give before you get, get, get.”  Volunteer your expertise and/or mentor someone who would benefit. Resist the urge to feel threatened by new employees. Instead, help newcomers reach their potential. Your efforts will come back to you tenfold.

Now, don’t you think you’ve had enough computer time? Is there any way you can get up and go take a hike? At least for a short while? Tell anyone who asks that you’re recognizing a national holiday. Truth is we might as well get started on that hiking now before all the holiday feasting begins. You can thank me later!!

Remember to pace yourself…take a break…take a hike and…

Journey On!

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