Negotiation & Leadership Development

Negotiation Strategy & Executive Coaching

In addition to keynote and breakout programs, Linda offers negotiation strategy and executive coaching designed to take leaders to a new level of professional results. Linda’s positive coaching style reinforces attempts and create professional results that are consistent and growing. Her coaching offers women leaders and high performers the opportunity to enhance their positive influence, persuasion and negotiation skills while achieving breakthrough outcomes.

As a workplace negotiation expert, a Board-Certified Coach and a former Vistage chair who coached CEOs and key executives, Linda offers a wealth of insight as well as strategies that drive results. Her high-performance coaching focuses on communication, leadership and/or negotiation.

Have you ever:

Found yourself on the edge of doing something phenomenal and hesitated wondering if it is the right direction and the right time?

Wanted to ask for something big but simply taken what you’re offered?

Known you had the right ideas but wished you could “check your answers” before you presented them?

Felt stuck or mentally exhausted in making decisions that once were easy?

Had difficulty with the complainers and energy drainers causing drama at work or in your life?

Planned a clear course of action and then discovered all your hard work was no longer relevant?

Wondered what would be possible if others with influence genuinely cared about your success?

Coaching Packages


Customize your development and address your specific challenges and objectives in negotiation strategy and leadership. Designed to build confidence and enhanced positive influence of leaders and high performers in an encouraging, safe 1:1 environment.


Connect to a community of business owners and executives who are as committed to your success as they are their own.

Virtual Executive Group Coaching gives you an executive coach to lead you to a greater awareness of your strengths and what you bring to the table. And objective feedback and sound business advice in a safe environment from successful peers in diverse industries. The executive coaching and mentoring program offers the strategies and safe haven you need to build your confidence and have a significant professional breakthrough. In addition to Linda’s coaching and mentoring, you obtain membership in an accountability group that supports each other in breakthroughs and breakdowns.

Methodology: A combination of training, four teleconferences and peer coaching situations to support your development, strategic objectives and breakthrough results. (Optional 1:1 coaching.)

Goals and Objectives

Executive group coaching and 1:1 executive coaching topics are agreed upon by the client(s) and coach. Depending on objectives, sessions can focus on or include:

  • Attracting more of the clients and work desired.
  • Understanding customer needs and why your service or organization is the preferred choice.
  • Showing up powerfully: Strategies to present confidently to decision makers.
  • Maximizing each negotiation opportunity by identifying options, essentials and “no brainers.”
  • Asking powerful questions to determine real issues.
  • Negotiating the internal push and pull for resources.
  • Identifying and building win-win-win partnerships for collaboration and innovation.
  • Avoiding over-committing and unnecessary compromise especially when margin is impacted.
  • Crafting messages that reflect approachability and generate buy-in.
  • Pursuing project leadership, promotion and/or partnership status.
  • Discovering ways to incorporate other gifts, talents and strengths into the workplace.
  • Persuading in high-stakes conversations or when confronted with the unexpected.
  • Counterattacks and strategies for tactics.
  • Understanding DEAL styles – what they are, how to spot them and ways to communicate with each style to reach desired, durable outcomes.
  • Conversing with confidence, tact and care, especially in closing performance gaps.
  • Positively negotiating when faced with negative or difficult communication styles.
  • Mentoring and/or coaching to develop human potential, encourage contribution and gain commitment.
  • Increase your performance, contribution and profitability.
  • Mitigating crisis and escalations by anticipating issues and handling objections.
  • Building win-win-win partnerships with stakeholders.

Coaching Program


This high-performance leadership program provides strategies to transform as a leader, a decision maker, and an influencer. You will learn to empower and equip leaders to drive winning deals and improve results without driving others away. Designed for leaders and high potentials to improve their ability to communicate powerfully, negotiate where appropriate, and enhance influence internally and externally. To build a better bench, emerging executives are exposed to methods to connect powerfully, share best practices, identify obstacles, and strategize on areas to drive positive change. Strong focus is placed on commitment, adaptability, presentation of ideas, and executive presence as well as knowledge sharing among peers.

After attending, participants leave with strategies to:

  • Harness the power of positive influence, persuasion and negotiation;
  • Negotiate for the push and pull for resources while building win-win-win partnerships with stakeholders;
  • Show up powerfully and communicate effectively so that others will listen;
  • Avoid over-committing and unnecessary compromise;
  • Spot and identify others’ negotiation (DEAL) styles and effectively communicate to create desired, durable outcomes;
  • Develop meaningful relationships with key people to attract support for ideas; and
  • Reach winning results with integrity and confidence.

Consulting Programs

Each of the six training modules can be delivered separately during a day-long session. However, the high performance program is designed to build on the material and skills of the prior sessions. Dates are typically scheduled three to six weeks apart to allow time for application. Customization is available for teams to address the immediate concerns, objectives and needs of the leader, team and individual.

High-Performance Leadership Program

Strategies to Transform as a Leader, a Decision Maker and an Influencer

Designed for leaders and high potentials to improve their ability to communicate powerfully, negotiate where appropriate and enhance influence internally and externally. From day one, this program helps leaders and emerging leaders connect, share best practices, identify obstacles and strategize on areas to drive positive change. Strong focus is placed on commitment, adaptability, presentation of ideas and executive presence as well as knowledge sharing among peers.

MODULE I – LAUNCH: Reach Your High-Performance Goals
How to Achieve Winning Results with Everyone on the Team

MODULE II: Communication and Influence
How to Adapt to Change with Clarity & Confidence

MODULE III: Negotiation Strategies to Drive High Performance
How to Harness the Power of Positive Influence, Persuasion & Negotiation

MODULE IV: Say It Right to Gain High Performance
How to Negotiate Work Drama and Converse with Confidence, Tact & Care

MODULE V: Executive Presence
How to Present with Power, Panache & Purpose 

MODULE VI – WRAP UP: Set a Leadership Standard
How to Lead with Integrity, Credibility and Certainty