Advice to Help a Student Negotiate College

What would you tell a new college student to help negotiate a great college career?

This is the season when students are headed to college the first time. For some, they are the first of their family to attend a university.

In my work as president of the Texas Tech Parents Association (#TTPA), I’ve seen parents run the gambit of emotions. During our parent panels at our chapter-run Send Off celebration events, parents and other future #RedRaider families ask questions at our parent panels.

Most express excitement for their students’ journeys, as well as, apprehension for their college success, and a sadness to “lose” a member their family.

My husband and I (& my brother, too) attended Texas Tech University. While we loved our college experience, it was hard to say the most inspirational words while we were departing and I was in tears. ????

Both times we dropped off our new freshman, I had a sinking feeling I had forgotten to teach something important. You know, that one thing that would help our two children as they negotiated their own college career.

My advice? Write a note before you leave your home to take them to the dorm.

Now, our beautiful, smart niece is leaving to begin her Freshman year at another big college with a great reputation, the University of Oklahoma.

Back to my question, what do you say to that new college student?

What advice helped you or yours negotiate the university experience?

What words do you avoid?

Or, are they already grown and ready to go and no words of wisdom from parents or family really matter?

(Originally posted in August 2022 on LinkedIn.)