How to Handle Being Told No

NO!  Have you ever stopped yourself from asking for something you wanted because you thought you would hear NO?

Maybe you wanted to:

  • ask for a promotion

  • ask someone to go on a date

  • ask for a discount

  • ask for help on a project

  • ask for more vacation time

  • ask for a raise (the most popular request)

Know what happens if you are told, “No?” You know the answer to your question. Instead of waiting for a response or running through multiple scenarios in your mind, you know what the other person thinks. No matter the outcome, you’ll live through the response. Promise.

Based on research for my new book, Ask Outrageously! (released on June 5!), the top ways to increase your chances of getting a “Yes” are: 

  • Ask for what is appropriate or within someone’s authority and ask a person who is able to say “Yes” to your request.

  • Be likeable, trustworthy, and build rapport with the person you ask.

  • Prepare yourself to respond to the person’s questions about your request. What questions would you ask if you were in their shoes? What information will they be comfortable sharing with you?  Think about objections they might have so you can help educate them if they arise.

You don’t have to ask to the point of being obnoxious. However, if you aren’t hearing the word “No,” then you probably aren’t asking for enough. More than one-third of people admit they have stopped themselves from asking for something they wanted. Later they learned that someone else successfully asked and was granted what they wanted. 

Promised Results 

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