Are You a High Performer?

When I was a sophomore in college, I spilled salad dressing on my formal dress. My dad said, “Just hold your flowers down and those ribbons will cover it. No one will notice.” Dad is always positive and has a solution.

My dad, Col. Byron R. Byars, Jr., USA (Ret), taught me a lot about personal and professional performance. Even when serving others, he has a positive attitude, does his best work and doesn’t quit.

One of his favorite phrases is, “Hey, you’re an engineer’s daughter. You can figure this out.” I’m still not sure how being related to an engineer gives you additional insight. Though many of my technical clients assure me that dad’s logic makes total sense.

If you want a good description of my dad, just read the results we received on our High Performance Survey.

Attempt to cover mishap with ribbons Texas Tech Formal circa 1985

Do you ever wonder if you’re seen as a high performer? 

In our recent High Performance Survey we asked, “What is one word or phrase you would use to describe a high performer?” Out of over 800 responses the top words, in order of popularity, used to describe high performers are:

  • Motivated

  • Dedicated

  • Adaptable

  • Committed

  • Driven

  • Focused

  • A Leader

  • Energetic

  • Engaged

  • Self-starter

Additionally, when asked for the top talents/skills employers are looking for when hiring and promoting people the top three responses are:

  1. Positive attitude and gets along well with others

  2. Self-starter and problem solver

  3. Proven ability to communicate

Surprisingly, references ranked last! In fact, many of our respondents believe longevity in the same role signals a lack of initiative. Although technical skills, appearance, education and work experience are noted, they didn’t make the Top 3 list!

What do these responses mean to you? It means you are in charge of your career, regardless of your background. With the right mindset and attitude, you can achieve high performance!

Dallas/Fort Worth Military Ball with dad as my date a few years ago. Notice I wore black in case I spilled something.
On behalf of this Army brat, thanks to you who are serving our country. Thank you to those who have served. And please thank your families for their commitment and sharing you with us.

Journey On!