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Negotiate Work Drama to Get More Done


Constant complainers take up resources, time, and mental bandwidth in the workplace. When you change a culture of complainers to one of contributors, you boost morale, increase productivity, and promote effective communication. In short, you get more done with less drama.

Learn strategies to: 

  • Identify and negotiate with specific energy drainers and complainers
  • Implement the #1 way to stop a Whiner
  • Self-assess to determine when you can be a complainer and how to stop it
  • And concrete phrases to turn constant Complainers into productive Contributors

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Turn Constant Complainers into Productive Contributors

In Stop Complainers and Energy Drainers, workplace communication expert Linda Swindling shares her expertise in negotiating tough situations in the workplace. Discover how to influence others to accomplish your purpose. Stop Complainers and Energy Drainers uses scenarios, engaging questions, and survey results to provide strategies that can be implemented immediately.

  • Shows how to identify complainers and time drainers
  • Provides forms to help prepare for discussions, suggested language to show up powerfully, and encouragement to apply strategies
  • Offers concrete phrases and tactics to refocus a complainer and end unproductive conversations

Stop Complainers and Energy Drainers is research-driven and focused on how to identify as well as manage conversations with "venters," complainers, whiners, and energy drainers. With these guidelines for communication, you'll see powerful results, improved relationships, and increased confidence.

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