Winning with Integrity Might Not Come with a Prize

Do you like to receive recognition?

My husband, Gregg, insisted we purchase a trophy case to display my trophies, plaques, and items of recognition. The glass case sits at the top of my stairs, and I pass it on the way to my office. Gregg said, “Let’s stop storing those awards in our guest bathtub to ‘keep them safe.’ Maybe if you see them everyday, you’ll know you’ve earned plenty.”

While those awards and recognition may mean something to us, they rarely matter when you are attempting to win a deal or negotiate a better agreement?

In fact, some people might be intimidated by titles and/or accomplishments.

❓How do you determine if people consider you ethical and someone you can trust?

Probably, they:
✔️Answer your calls.
✔️Respond to your emails.
✔️Provide information, instead of hiding facts.
✔️Take your word as truth without double and triple checking through other sources.
✔️Reflect a collaborative and creative spirit, instead of a defensive stance.

❓Who have you dealt with that you trust completely?
❓What could you do to build that type of trust with others?

Again, there is no shiny prize for winning with integrity. However, the improved relationships, ease of communication, and improved negotiation results are worthwhile and rewarding.