Resources for Speakers

Linda on the cover of Speaker Magazine.
Linda on the cover of Speaker Magazine.

Handout & Assessment

NSA Chapter Handout: 10 Biggest Mistakes Speakers Make Download PDF
Bonus video: Linda answers your questions

Negotiate Like a CEO for Speakers Download PDF

Assessment: How Well Do You Ask? 

SpeakerFlow Podcast: Ep. 30 – How To Negotiate In Business And In Life


What Have I Gotten Myself Into Now? TEDxSMU Article 

Walk, Talk, & Negotiate Like a Pro Visit Article on Speaker Magazine

Top 10 Ways to Annoy Meeting Planners Download PDF

Meeting Planners Talk Download PDF

Talking Points Download PDF

Handout ATD2021: Negotiate the Change You Didn’t Want

On-Line Resources 

Speaker Net News (Linda’s Interview with Rebecca Morgan) Order MP3

Speaker Net News (Creative Tactics for Compensation) Link

Websites for Speakers

National Speakers Association
National Speakers Association/North Texas

SpeakerFlow CRM (Tell them Linda sent you!)