Negotiating Long-Term Relationships

There were those who said we were too young and poor when we married (true). And, that it wouldn’t last (not true).

Years ago our pre-marital counselor asked what we had in common? We didn’t communicate in the same way, had very different interests, and didn’t share any hobbies. I replied, “That’s why we are here.”

My finance shook his head and said, “I don’t know what you mean. We share the same values, want to have a family, respect each other, and laugh a lot. We make each other better.”

When I said I changed my answer, the therapist gave us a prediction. We would last less than a year because of our extreme differences, OR we would last a lifetime because the marriage would stay fresh and unpredictable. His prediction sounded like a double dare to stay committed. (Challenge accepted!)

Those first years were lean and stressful as we finished college and grad & law school. Those days we made each other homemade cards and often celebrated by going to the $1 movies. (Remember those?)

❓Who do you know who has a happy, committed personal relationship spanning decades?
❓What about a solid, successful business relationship?
❓What are their secrets?

I bet shared values, respect, communication, and a sense of humor played a part in their success. Likely, tapping into different strengths and perspectives made them stronger.

The best deal I ever made was marrying the man with “Swindling” as a last name. In the better or worse category, we continue to negotiate through challenges and find way to make life work.

When I first saw Gregg as a Harvey Hotel bellman, he was movie star handsome. Truth? I still catch my breath when he walks in a room and smiles.

Also, we are sensitive to several who are missing their loved ones, especially during this week. Bless you as you deal with this tough time.