Negotiate Groundhog’s Day: Dealing with Thankless Jobs

The icy storm we are having in Dallas, a.k.a. “Dallaska”, has made me appreciate those who live and work in this weather all the time. It also makes me thankful for those who deal with thankless tasks every day. Like the movie “Groundhog Day” with Bill Murray, we have people who are willing to show up and do the same jobs every day. They are our teachers, our safety workers, our first responders, our healthcare providers, our farmers, our grocers, our transportation professionals, our service providers, and those keeping us safe here and on foreign lands.

Those willing to live Ground Hog’s Day are also our parents, families, and guardians. You know, those willing to step up or step in to help raise the next generation. There are no parades for putting food on the table, no statutes erected for making sure homework is done, and no medals given for going to work every day to support those who depend on you.

Today is also my dad’s birthday. He would have been 88. His life was repetitive. Going to work every day, showing up one weekend a month for 34 years to serve as a Reservist, coming home the same night to his wife of 65 years, and picking up his grandchildren from school after he retired. Like many others who work those thankless jobs, he was pleasant, welcoming, considerate, and brought joy.

We spend so much time honoring the superstars and dealing with those who are not performing well. Unfortunately, the faithful ones who show up daily and give it their all are often unrecognized.

❓Who is someone you could thank today for doing a thankless job?
❓What could you do to help that person understand the importance of the job to your organization or your life?
❓How could you show gratitude in a meaningful way?

Other than the shows #DirtyJobs or #SomebodysGottaDoIt with mikeroweWORKS, I don’t know of any television programs featuring those willing to deal with the dirty work and faithfully commit to help their communities. Knowing my dad and others like him, he wouldn’t want the fuss. I’m thankful for those willing to live these “boring” lives and continue to show up to help us survive and thrive in ours.

Go Negotiate a Better Life!