Make a Big Deal about Celebrating

We just returned from our son’s company picnic in Wisconsin at Epic. Their company picnic was a BIG DEAL.

At the #Epicnic, there was a wide variety of activities including games, fun food, and just a great time on the very unique, fun campus. Employees brought their families. At times, it resembled a state fair.

The pictures show how well-attended and “epic” the event was. And, despite the stormy skies, the rain didn’t fall until the end of the event.

❓What have you done recently that deserves a celebration?

You don’t have to graduate from high school or college to have a reason to celebrate. For instance, have you closed a deal, solved an issue, negotiated through a tough time, or finalized a project?

❓Who could you celebrate? How could you celebrate them and their achievements?

Including families or vendors is a classy move. How could you share the celebration with others involved directly or indirectly in your personal or organizational success?

❓What does celebration have to do with dealmaking and leadership?

Everything! If you and your team want to stay motivated and engaged, the highest performers know that winning efforts and results must be recognized and honored.🏆

We are so worried about challenges and problems, and all the things facing us. If you get a chance to relax to honor others and to celebrate the good things – take it.