Giving Credit Where Credit is Due

It was tough to sleep last night. Severe storms came through our area. Do you know when I also have trouble sleeping? It’s when I am worried whether I made a right decision or took the correct action.

A while back I was given a video to review. The speaker on the video used statistics and research from my book. However, that speaker didn’t give me credit or any kind of attribution. What?

After several attempts to contact the speaker, I finally spoke with the individual. The reply was less than apologetic stating, “Oh, I didn’t know exactly where I got the research.“ Huh?

To add to the insult, the same speaker put the task on me to rewatch the video and identify the areas which had been lifted so that attribution could be given. After pages and pages were provided, the speaker said the areas would be removed.

Last week, brought the opposite experience. A Google alert showed that my work was being used. However, this time the author named me, mentioned my book, and gave a link to my website.

Nicole Glenn is a great example of winning with integrity. She wrote one article for Forbes and another for Globe Echo.

❓Have you ever had someone take credit for your work? How did you find out? What did you do?
❓What leads people to rob others of credit?
❓On the other hand, has someone recognized you and your efforts when they could have accepted all the recognition?

Monday was Memorial Day, the day we honor those who paid the ultimate sacrifice defending our freedoms. God bless their families and friends.

Let’s remember those who gave their lives, and those willing to risk their lives protecting us, by acting with honor and integrity in all our deals and dealings.