Four Words to Help You Set Goals You Can Keep

How are your New Year’s resolutions holding up now that the year is half over?  Did you make any? According to research, only 45% of people make New Year’s resolutions and by now, 75% have abandoned them.

To put the odds in your favor, stop using the word “resolution” and start using these four powerful words I discuss in the video below.

1) Become

2) Improve

3) Conquer

4) Commit

For example, this year I want to:

Become…more organized.

Improve… my education.


Commit to…volunteering more often.

These four words are motivating AND you can begin using them anytime. These words help when you get off track. If you haven’t set goals for the year, pick a power word now and get started. If you have goals in place, state each goal with a power word to encourage you to realize results.

In my recent High Performance Survey of over 800 people 64% of the respondents said that “being a self-starter and problem solver” is the top skill managers look for in hiring or promoting people. Become a self-starter by setting goals which encourage you and keep you on track.

To set goals or refine the ones you have, use these tips:

Know your personal mission: Just like a business has a company mission your personal mission describes your purpose and calling. To know your mission ask yourself: What inspires me the most? Would I do it for free? What comes effortlessly? What will I regret not doing?

There are 2 types of goal setters: Strategic and Linear. Strategic goal setters must have a desired ending in mind to get started – they “Think Big.” Linear goal setters use one goal as a stepping stone to the next goal – they “Think Small.”

How can you “Think Big?” Big goals inspire transformation and are emotionally compelling. Ask yourself these questions to think big: What makes you anxious or nervous when you think about doing it? If you were fearless what would you try? If you had no limits what would you do?

How can you “Think Small?” In some cases big goals are intimidating and can discourage your efforts. To think small ask yourself: What small step can I take today to move in the right direction? What is something easy I can do right now?

How do you stay motivated to keep your goals? First, publicize your goals by sharing them with people you trust. Select people you know, but not your spouse or partner, who will hold you accountable. Second, identify the roadblocks. Roadblocks might be procrastination, burn out, time or failing. Third, ask yourself what the worst case scenario is and what would really happen if you failed.

Know the #1 way to keep motivated. Apathy and lack of commitment are the top “derailers” to achieving your goals. The number one way to keep motivated is to stay positive. Expect to achieve your goals, even if you are delayed or go in a different direction. Celebrate big and small accomplishments.

Journey On!