Building Relationships Can Require You to Negotiate Outside Your Comfort Zone

When I was asked by Sal Celly to present virtually on negotiations at MaximizeU‘s Global Voices and Insights Business Growth Business Summit, I was excited. Who doesn’t want to present to entrepreneurs and leaders in education seeking to “Maximize & Lead Differently” with a focus on positively impacting others?

The summit was in Bangalore, India so I knew it would be on a different time zone than Texas. They asked me to speak before their lunch break. With the 11 1/2 hour time difference, my presentation began at 12:45 am Central time. Two Texas friends spoke after I did, Travis Carter, from Austin and founder of BOSS Academy Community, Paul Kirch from the DFW area. Paul’s presentation was at 3:15 am. (Not sure how Paul stayed awake.)

Jill Scott sent me a picture of a saying on a t-shirt she saw that conveys the message:
“Great Things Never Come from Your Comfort Zone!”

Sometimes negotiating stronger business relationships requires doing what it takes, including getting out of your comfort zone and postponing sleep in your comfortable bed.

❓ Where have you ventured out of your comfort zone to negotiate an better outcome or play a part of something great?
❓ What skill or habit have you learned to perform differently to reach a stretch goal or objective?
❓ Was the decision to reach outside your comfort zone one you chose or one you were given to deal with or solve? What were the results?

Luckily, the Business Growth Summit went smoothly. The speakers and the attendees learned how to maximize, lead and negotiate better!

❓ What could you ask for or deal with this week that may lead you out of your comfort zone but maximize your relationships and results?

Go Negotiate outside your comfort zone, and let me know how it goes!