Negotiate Your Career For Job Seekers

Losing a job is scary. I know. My first legal job ended during my first year of practice. Negotiating unemployment in a down economy was a change that I did not anticipate or want. Like so many, my job loss was devastating and scary.

Last month, I presented How to Successfully Negotiate the Change You Did Not Wantat the Meeting Professionals International WEC Conference. The hospitality industry was deeply affected by the pandemic this year. In a recent survey we conducted, over half of the attendees shared that they are concerned about losing their job or have already lost their job. For full results go here.

Another speaker at the conference was Ginger Shelhimer, an HR Transition expert. Ginger is a friend and my trusted advisor when it comes to employment advice. Here is my interview with Ginger regarding job seeking in difficult times.

With the current job losses and high unemployment rates, I encouraged Ginger to edit and re-release her book, The 60 Second Job Search. In fact, I believe so highly in Ginger’s wisdom that I wrote the foreword.

Her book is a quick read and focuses on practical strategies to maximize the opportunities you have. By making simple adjustments to your approach, you will upgrade how you market yourself to future employers and improve your results.

To give back to job seekers during these tough times, Ginger has reduced the Kindle price to $0.99 this week. With this special pricing, you can buy books for yourself and any graduating seniors, friends, or family members facing a job change.

PS My focus is to help people negotiate to get what they really want, especially in their careers. Look for a gift from me next week to wrap up your year and to help you successfully negotiate and powerfully plan 2021.