Empower and Equip Leaders to Negotiate Everything from Big Deals to Workplace Drama

If you aren’t getting what you really want, you aren’t asking for enough.

Everybody negotiates. You’ve negotiated to get your job. You’ve negotiated with customers, clients, members, or patients. You’ve negotiated with service providers and vendors. You’ve negotiated with your spouse, your kids, relatives, friends, and maybe even with your dog! If you think about it…everything is a negotiation and nearly everything is negotiable. 

Whether the thought of negotiation makes your stomach clench or gets your blood pumping, you can equip yourself with the tools you need to successfully make high-stakes requests when it matters most. 

By blending strategy with an recognition of others’ true motivators, you can turn negotiations into a conversation instead of a confrontation. You can DEAL in a way that attracts the best for you and gain support for even the most outrageous ask. 

Use proven negotiation strategies that drive results without driving others away.

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Professional Retail Store Maintenance Association
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University of California, Berkeley
“Linda’s negotiation strategies helped us add $3 million to the bottom line.”
Holt, Rinehart & Winston

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