From the courtroom to the boardroom, Linda knows firsthand about high-stakes communicationsnegotiating workplace drama, and influencing decision makers. Her specialty is helping people communicate powerfully so that others will listen.  She can teach you and your people how to effectively negotiate a business development opportunity,  influence senior leadership or negotiate organizational curves, even dealing with other departments.

Positively Negotiate Workplace Drama
Stop Complainers & Energy Drainers to Get More Done

Are you’re sick of dealing with difficult people who just need to grow up?

Have you ever wanted to tell someone to stop their whining and get back to work?

Ever worry that you could be the one who’s complaining too much?

Constant complainers cost companies money and can cause great people to leave. They drain your resources, time and mental bandwidth. Based on Linda’s new book, Stop Complainers and Energy Drainers: How to Negotiate Work Drama to Get More Done, this program offers concrete, researched ways to help you stop Complainers and Energy Drainers from wasting your time.

Linda shows you proven strategies to:

  • Get more done with less drama
  • Implement the #1 way to stop whining.
  • Refocus conversations with each of the 5 types of energy drainers.
  • Turn constant complainers into productive contributors.
  • Prevent complaining too much yourself when you’re under stress.


Walk, Talk, & Negotiate Like a CEO
Harness the Power of Positive Negotiations, Persuasion, and Influence

What would be possible if you could show up powerfully, no matter how high the stakes?

How much time could you save if you stopped negotiating deals where you had no chance of winning?presenting

What risks would you take if you knew you were prepared for any situation or negotiation tactic the other side tried?

Linda shares negotiation strategies learned at the Harvard/MIT Program on Negotiation, as a partner of a law firm and in her extensive work with organization leaders and CEOs. Whether you want to powerfully influence decision makers at work, negotiate better deals in business or positively persuade your friends and family, this program improves your outcomes when the results really matter.

After this program you will be equipped with strategies to:

  • Ask outrageously to get what you want.
  • Win with integrity.
  • Increase your executive presence and influence with leaders and decision makers.
  • Pursue only winning deals and know when to walk away.
  • Bulletproof your position and counteract unfair tricks and tactics.


Lead High-Performance Teams to Winning Results

Have you ever wondered why your high potentials aren’t high performing?

What would happen if everyone on your team was committed to driving winning results?strat-2

Are you interested in getting the best out of people without burning out in the process?

High performers share similar attitudes and behaviors. They are motivated, dedicated self-starters who drive results no matter the circumstances. Their energy is contagious and engaging and they make your job easy. Based on her book, The Manager’s High-Performance Handbook: How to Drive Winning Performance with Everyone on Your Team. High performers are committed, driven and focused team members.

Linda shows you how to:

  • Find the right people with the right talents and skills.
  • Inspire team members to collaborate, innovate and rely on each other.
  • Motivate everyone on your team to focus on and produce superior results.
  • Fast track your high potentials and emerging leaders.
  • Create momentum with your own career without burning out in the process.

Ask Outrageously!
The Secret to Getting What You Really Want

Ever find yourself on the edge of doing something phenomenal and wondering if it is the right decision and the right time?

Have you ever known you had the right ideas but wished you could “check your answers” before  you presented them?

In a culture that encourages sensitivity and “good” manners, you need tactics and strategies to show up powerfully to negotiate for the best deals at work and in life with confidence and integrity. It’s possible to achieve breakthrough results just by asking. 

Leave with strategies to:

  • Ask for what you really want
  • Show up powerfully so others will listen
  • Reach winning results with integrity and confidence
  • Create significant connections with key people and attract support for your ideas
  • Make confident decisions and embrace strategic risk taking




Winning with Trust, Honesty and Integrity6 Linda Big Audience

Let’s face it…working with honesty and integrity is everyone’s responsibility at every level…all the time!

When people help create or build a solution they think is “right” with people they trust, it is far more likely to be a solution that lasts and offers a bigger reach.

Daily choices of Wintegrity build your ability to face even the toughest trials. It takes intention, discipline, and sometimes courage. Determining the ethical course can be, by its very nature, difficult. Taking a stand and speaking out about or avoiding wrongdoing is not always easy but can make a significant difference in your organization and your life.

Based on her  book, Wintegrity, this upbeat and energetic program will show you how to: 

  • Make daily choices of integrity
  • Take a stand and speak out about wrongdoing
  • Ask for help and build trust when in doubt
  • Practice respect and responsibility
  • Just say no to excuses and unacceptable behavior


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