Breakthrough Results Reported by Professionals Who Work with Linda:

  • resultsRecovery of $2 million collectible by automobile holding company. Amount had been written off and was collected within hours of speaking with Linda.
  • Expansion into three cities by major manufacturer distributor.
  • Successful negotiation resulting in majority ownership by a non-founding partner.
  • High six-figure severance package negotiated by key executive.
  • Job promotion received by front line worker to manager of department in 6 months.
  • Enhanced bottom-line results for national publishing sales department by $3 million in one year.
  • Over achieved the 3Q target by more than 200%.
  • Engagement and first Face-to-Face meeting with VP of Sales.
  • Realignment of several organizations to reduce reliance on CEO and enhance structure for increased profits.
  • Business on drawing board for 14 years successfully launched and profitable within first year.


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