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Asking outrageously does not mean being obnoxious or taking advantage of others. It means making a big ask—if you’re going to ask anyway, why not be bold?

In a culture that encourages sensitivity and “good” manners, you need tactics and strategies to show up powerfully to negotiate for the best deals at work and in life with confidence and integrity. It’s possible to achieve breakthrough results just by asking. In Ask Outrageously! you will find research-based strategies to help you:

  • Ask for what you really want
  • Show up powerfully so others will listen
  • Reach winning results with integrity and confidence
  • Create significant connections with key people and attract support for your ideas
  • Make confident decisions and embrace strategic risk taking

Constant complainers take up resources, time, and mental bandwidth in the workplace. When you change a culture of complainers to one of contributors, you boost morale, increase productivity, and promote effective communication. In short, you get more done with less drama.

Stop Complainers and Energy Drainers uses scenarios, engaging questions, and survey results to provide strategies that will help you:

  • Identify and negotiate with specific energy drainers and complainers 
  • Implement the #1 way to stop a Whiner
  • Self-assess to determine when you can be a complainer and how to stop it
  • Use concrete phrases to turn constant Complainers into productive Contributors


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High performers share similar attitudes and behaviors. They are motivated, dedicated self-starters who adapt no matter the circumstances. High performers are committed, driven and focused team members. Their energy is contagious and engaging. Adding the right high performers to your team require three steps: finding them, qualifying them and choosing them. Based on recent research, The Manager’s High Performance Handbook, will provide actionable strategies on how to:

  • Hire and promote people with the right talents and skills
  • Build commitment and common purpose with your team
  • Inspire team members to high levels of collaboration and innovation
  • Motive everyone to focus on and produce superior results




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When you win with Wintegrity you create a Win-Win-Win! Acting with honesty and ethics is not only preferable – it’s profitable. Wintegrity takes intention, discipline, and even courage to do what’s right. It is everyone’s responsibility, at every level, all the time. While ethical choices are not always easy, they can make a significant difference in your organization and your life. Wintegrity: Win with Ethics, Trust and Integrity will help you learn the skills and techniques to:

  • Make daily choices of integrity and certainty
  • Work with people who genuinely care about your success
  • Solve problems quicker and create solutions that last
  • Enhance how you are perceived both internally and externally
  • Take a stand and speak without wrongdoing
  • Say “no” to excuses and unacceptable behavior


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The popular Passports to Success books are quick, result-oriented tools designed to drive winning Workplace Communication, Leadership and High Performance.

Passports to Success Collection –  Download Passport Descriptions

Purchase the entire Passports to Success Collection complete with a handy “10 Ways To Use” suggestion card. Passport to Success collection is jam packed with practical tips and techniques to help you and your colleagues:

Reach your goals Provide top notch customer service Communicate more effectively Deal with change Become star performers Work with ethics and integrity Manage and motivate others Stay positive and engaged

Passport books are designed for use with our speaking or training programs, as bonus gifts to attendees, to complement your development activities and/or as stand-alone internal resources for your leaders and high potentials.



Avoid costly litigation!

You’ll want to keep this user-friendly overview of legal issues on your desk at all times! This is the only complete “how-to” guide and overview of legal issues you face as a consultant. You’ll learn how to make sense of legal jargon and a variety of contracts as well as learn when to seek out the advice of legal counsel and when to walk away from losing relationships. This book isn’t intended to replace competent legal advice-rather it is a time- and cost-effective means to understand legal issues before pursuing legal.








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