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Want Linda to be available for the media or help boost your social media efforts?
She can usually coordinate that time into her arrangements.

Need Linda to facilitate a panel of experts or work with your other speakers to help them present powerfully?
She has years of experience with both.

Would you like Linda to lead a pre-webinar to drive attendance, provide an article for your magazine, record a message for your attendees or do a debrief on her observations of your organization?
Let us know.

Do you want a program to connect your first time attendees, maximize the value for your vendors and/or hold a strategic session for VIPS?
Linda has done several.

Do you need Linda to be available at a sponsor’s booth, a book signing or to attend a reception during the event?
Please let us know. We will accommodate you if possible.


AND If a bulk purchase of books is not already in your contract, contact us to place your bulk order today! Also, visit our bookstore.



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Linda Byars Swindling
Carrollton, Texas
Phone: (972) 416-3652





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